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    Effect of two-stage heat treatment on the properties of Al/NiCr duplex coating.

    Author: Nguyen Van Tuan, Ly Quoc Cuong, Le Thu Quy, Pham Thi Ha, Pham Thi Ly, Dao Bich Thuy, Nguyen Tuan Anh

    Place posted:  The 6th Asian Symposium on Advanced Materials: Chemistry, Physics & Biomedicine of Functional and Novel Materials (ASAM-6), paper VPS-62, pp.622-627, Hanoi, 9/2017.

    Post time: 2017

    Abstract: There is always a presence of characteristic pores and microcracks inside thermal spray coatings that would bring harmful affects on the coatings.  Post spray heat treatment aims to stabilize the structure of the coatings. For metallic coating, in dependence of annealing temperature, an intermetallic diffusion between the coatings and the diffusion between the coating and the substrate may happen. This paper presents our study on the microstructure, mechanical properties and erosion corrosion resistance of an electric arc thermal spray Al/NiCr dupplex coating on C45 steel substrate after consecutive heat treatments at 600°C and 950°C in 15 minutes. The obtained results show positive effects of the heat treatment: the porosity of the coating decreased from 1.99% to 0.72%, the adhesion strength increased 8 times, the microhardness varied in a range of 190-800 HV and the erosion corrosion resistance increased 2 times when testing in acidic slurry containing hard particles.

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