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    Study on corrosion resistance of carbon nanotubes reinforced Al2O3 coating.

    Author: Nguyen Van Tuan, Ly Quoc Cuong, Le Thu Quy, Pham Thi Ha, Pham Thi Ly

    Place posted: The 5th National conference on corrosion and metal protection for energy development (VICORRA2017), Ba Ria – Vung Tau, 19-21/10/2017.Vietnam Journal of Science and Technology, Vol 55 (5B): 171-180 (2017). ISSN 2525-2518.

    Post time: 2017

    Abstract: This paper presents our research on the reinforcement with 1% of carbon nanotubes (CNT) for a ceramic Al2O3 coating applied by air plasma spray (APS) on CT3 steel. The corrosion resistance of both CNTs reinforced and non-CNTs reinforced Al2O3 coatings were investigated by using different techniques: potentiodynamic polarization; electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS); salt spray and erosion corrosion tests.

    The obtained results show positive effects of CNT to improve the corrosion protection of the Al2O3 coating: time of appearance of first rust points on the surface in the salt spray test increased from 2 hours for pure Al2O3 coating to 24 hours for the CNTs-Al2O3 one; the erosion-corrosion resistance of the CNTs-Al2O3 coating increased about 17% in comparison with that one of the Al2O3 coating.

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