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Vietnam introduces automated sorting system

Vietnam introduces automated sorting system

(VEN) - The successful design, manufacturing and operation of an automatic goods sorting system has contributed to optimizing the production process and cutting the costs of logistics enterprises. Vietnam Economic News’ Quynh Nga interviewed Dr. Phan Dang Phong, Director of the National Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering (NARIME) under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT), about this technology.
Vietnam introduces automated sorting system

What are the advantages of this automatic goods sorting system for logistics enterprises?


The application of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to production and business is an inevitable trend in order to obtain high productivity. The automatic goods sorting system can replace humans in goods sorting processes. Identification devices to distinguish different products are important components in the system. Depending on the type of product in different systems, the devices can be sensors (for color, shape or material sorting) or cameras.


The practical benefits of the system include the replacement of human labor and precise high-intensity and continuous operation. The system also displays the number of classified products in real time, ensuring full information. Third, it provides synchronous connection with warehouse management systems and software to serve management and monitoring tasks.


Vietnam introduces automated sorting system

The robot loading system supplied by NARIME


Could you share more specifically how the NARIME has designed, manufactured and implemented the automatic sorting system at enterprises?


NARIME has invested human and financial resources, and cooperated with other units to design and integrate automatic systems applying Industry 4.0 technology. With the support of the Century Logistics Joint Stock Company (CLC), a member of the Aviation Logistics Corporation (ALS), NARIME researched and applied high technologies to production lines. The system went into operation at CLC in January 2023. The system uses a camera integrated with AI capable of capturing and sorting products accurately, especially products moving on conveyors at high speed. So far, the system has operated stably and reliably and is highly appreciated by the investor.


Vietnam introduces automated sorting system


What benefits does the system have for enterprises if operating at maximum capacity?


The main task of the system is to sort plastic trays from the conveyor input to predetermined sections. The trays move to the shooting chamber for the camera to take pictures, identify and transfer data to the control system. Based on the information sent by the camera, the control system will process and send control signals to air blowers to place the products in the right output sections as required.


The conveyors keep the right distance between the plastic trays and optimize the productivity of the system. The selection of different types of trays can also be changed flexibly on the system’s control screen.


The automatic product sorting system at CLC can operate continuously on an eight-hour shift, recording a productivity of about 7,500 products per hour (equivalent to about 60,000 products a shift). If operating at maximum capacity, the system can sort up to 70,000 products per day.

Link source:  Vietnam Economic News