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Research Wave Ocean Energy Converter Using Linear Generator

Research Wave Ocean Energy Converter Using Linear Generator

Title of article: Research Wave Ocean Energy Converter Using Linear Generator

Author: Nguyen Chi Cuong; Phung Van Ngoc; Nguyen Minh Tuan

Place posted: The 8th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Marine Hydrodynamics in Naval Architecture, Ocean Technology and Constructions

Post time: 2016

Abstract: This paper presents results of numerical simulation for a wave energy converter using linear permanent magnet generator. Using a linear permanent generator has the advantages of simple structure, minimizing the mechanical loose… On the basic mechanics model, a system of equations describing the operation of the device under linear potential wave was obtained. The magnetic field in generator was calculated by FlexPDE software. The system of movement equations was numerically solved with Matlab. Various calculations were performed with the different parameters of wave conditions and device’s structures to determine the device’s configuration for a 300W output power under wave condition in the South-Central offshore of Vietnam. The results also show potential of developing the wave energy conversion to meet the energy demand in some coastal and island regions of Vietnam. 

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